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Job Offers

Sometimes it is nice to be rewarded as a manager of a club in the lower divisions, and one such reward which is in place is Job Offers. As soon as a manager resigns from a club the club's Chairman will look at current managers within the Game World to try and find a suitable replacement. However, the Chairman will only look for managers within the Game World at clubs who they believe are likely to become the new manager.

Once the club's Chairman has made a short-list of suitable candidates (which will not be displayed) they will then see which of those managers have managed a club within the Game World for more than five turns and then remove those managers who do not meet that criteria from their list (the only exception to this rule is within the Gold Championships). The Chairman will then use this information along with the short-listed managers Manager Points to select one suitable candidate (which in essence is usually the most successful manager within the Game World) for the vacant position within their club.

The suitable candidate will then be offered the job vacancy at the club in question and this job offer will be displayed within the approached managers Club Message inbox. The approached manager will then have the opportunity to either accept or reject the approach and they will have 120 hours from when they received the job offer to make a decision.

When a job offer comes into your Club Message inbox you will have 120 hours from when you received the job offer to make a decision, to help you in your decision the Chairman will inform you how much you will have available to spend and also display all other relevant information associated with the club (like current squad, stadium size, league position etc).

If you accept the job offer you will automatically become their new manager straight away and all of your Manager Points will remain with your account. Please note that if you accept that job offer then your previous job may be offered to another manager within your Game World which would mean that you would not be able to take over your old club straight away.

If you reject the Job Offer you will receive a new message in you Club Message inbox informing you that you have rejected their approach. However, if you fail to respond to the Job Offer within the required 120 hours then the job offer will be rescinded and the vacancy will be open to all managers on the site.

Please note that the decision to either accept or reject the job offer is entirely your own choice and if you make the wrong decision then there is nothing which the SMFA can do to assist you.

During the period of a club becoming unmanaged and their Chairman making a Job Offer, the club is deemed to be in a transitional period and their Chairman will not deal in the transfer market (for a period that could last up to 7 days) and also block other managers applying to take control whilst the Job Offer is being considered. However, once the manager has either accepted or rejected the job offer or the transitional period has passed, the club's Chairman will then allow deal in the transfer market.

Please note that only managers with a reputation of 40 plus will receive Job Offers.