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Player Field Description

The Player Field Description will list any important news which is relevant to an individual player. There are a number of different indicators which can appear:

Player InjuredPlayer is injured.

Player Not Match FitPlayer not match fit.

Interest In PlayerInterest in the player from another club.

Player Transfer ListedPlayer is on the transfer list.

Player Has A Transfer BidThe Player has a transfer bid.

Accepted Transfer BidAccepted transfer bid.

Player Is On Loan ListPlayer is on the loan list.

Player Has A Loan BidThe Player has a loan bid.

Player Is On LoanThe Player is on loan.

Player Is SuspendedThe Player is suspended.

Player is RetiringThe player is retiring.

Player Is UnhappyThe player is unhappy and has a concern.

To view full information in relation to any of the above indicators you will need to click on the players name to access their Player Profile