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Game World

When are Gold Championships created?
After the creation of a Gold Championship we will let all managers know the time and date it was created via a Notification.

When are Game Worlds created?
Game Worlds are created randomly throughout the day by members of our community who have purchased them via Upgrades.

I think there is a cheat in my Game World?
If you think a manager has broke the Terms and Conditions or the SM Code of Conduct which forms part of the same then please send Soccer Manager a support ticket with full details of the manager(s) in question, and we will look into this and take the appropriate action.

Why is my Game World closing?
A Game World can be permanently closed at the end of a season if it has one or less managers and it is administered by the SMFA. If a Game World is due to be closed then a warning message will be displayed within My Home.

Why have the SMFA banned me from entering a Game World?
If you are banned from a Game World this is because the SMFA have reason to believe that you either have an account and/or are linked to an account already in the Game World.

Why will the Chairman within the Game World not employ me?
The Chairman will look intelligently at how many clubs you have taken over within the specific Game World, and they are unlikely to employ you if you constantly swap clubs within that particular Game World or manage them for a short period of time.

There is a manager in my Game World who never responds to my bids?
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do in relation to this as we can't force any manager to participate within the transfer market.

What happens at the end of the season?
Once the last league fixture has been played, the Game World enters into preseason and 16 days later the opening day's fixture for the new season will be played.

Can I transfer Game Worlds to a friends account?
You can't transfer Game Worlds between any two accounts. However, if you would like to purchase a product via Upgrades for your friend then you can do so using the Gift facility.

Can I transfer a club to a friends account?
You can't transfer any club between any two accounts.

How do I manage my favourite club?
If you can't find your favourite club please manage an alternative club and then check again as Game Worlds are created randomly on a daily basis. Alternatively you can go to Upgrades and purchase your very own Game World and on creation you can choose the first club in it!

Could you reserve me a club?
We cannot reserve any club for any of our members. Numerous Game Worlds are created throughout the day at random times and you also have the option to purchase a Standard Game World via Upgrades.