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I have gone to My Game Worlds and haven't received my Game World?
It can take several hours for the Game World to be allocated to your account.

Is there anyway I could reserve my favourite team?
SM cannot reserve any club for any of its members. However, there is an option to reserve a club in a new Game World before it opens via Upgrades.

Why am I banned from buying Upgrades
When a refund is made on a Upgrades product we could incur a cost depending on the method of the refund. We may therefore ban any future Upgrades activity.

How do I create the Game World I bought?
You can create the Game World you bought via My Game Worlds.

Is there a time limit in which I need to create my Game World?
There is no set time in which you need to create your purchased Game World.

My Gold Management said I had 1 day left so I assumed I had until midnight to renew? You have one day removed from your Gold Management each day at 06:00 Game Time.

Am I entitled to a refund for an item I have purchased via Upgrades? Please refer to our Sales and Refund Policy.

How do I request a refund for an item I have purchased via Upgrades? If you are eligible for a refund (please refer to our Sales and Refund Policy), then create a Upgrades Ticket.