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League table

The default (normal) league table displays the current standings for your division within your Game World. You can also view the other league tables from across the Game World. The default (normal) league table is a snapshot of your club's performance within your division, and it is updated after every Turn. League positions are determined by points. If any club is level on points, the next determining factor will be goal difference, followed by goals scored.

As well as viewing the default (normal) league table, there are three additional league tables to view, being Home/Away, League Form and Attendance:

  • The Home/Away table is split into three sections being overall standing, home record, and away record. By viewing the Home/Away table you might be able to identify any patterns in a club's performance, and this could help to influence your tactics.
  • The League Form table is based on a club's results from their least six league matches. By viewing this table you will be able to see how your rivals and next opponents are performing at a glance.
  • The Attendance table is based on each club's respective average attendance.

If you'd like to see the league tables from previous seasons, you need to visit the Game World History and select the season you wish to view the historical records for.