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Custom Game World Admin Managers

After the creation of your Custom Game World you can view the managers in your Game World as well as accept and reject new managers by going to My Game Worlds and clicking on Game World Admin.

You can also offer available clubs to managers in your friends list by clicking on the drop down box and selecting their name prior to clicking on Offer.

If you need to contact all of the managers within your Custom Game World, for example to inform them of changes to the Advanced Rules, then you can send a global message. To send a global message simply click on Send Global Message To Game World and then enter the content of the message in the field provided prior to clicking on Send.

Within Game World Admin there is no facility to remove a manager from your Custom Game World. This is because a manager will only be removed from a Game World if they have broke the Terms of Use and in these circumstance it would be by the SMFA.

Please note that we do not tolerate any form of blackmail or bullying from any manager within the SM community, whether in relation to transfers, swapping clubs or similar. Any manager found to be blackmailing or bullying members will be banned from the site instantly with no appeal due to breaking the Terms of Use.