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Player Positions

Each player is assigned at least one position on the Soccer Wiki and this information is transferred over:

  • Goalkeeper (GK)
  • Defender Left (D L)
  • Defender Right (D R)
  • Defender Centre (D C)
  • Defensive midfielder Left (DM L)
  • Defensive midfielder Right(DM R)
  • Defensive midfielder Centre (DM C)
  • Midfielder Left (M L)
  • Midfielder Right (M R)
  • Midfielder Centre (M C)
  • Attacking midfielder Left (AM L)
  • Attacking midfielder Right (AM R)
  • Attacking midfielder Centre (AM C)
  • Forward Left (F L)
  • Forward Right (F R)
  • Forward Centre (F C)

The position which is allocated to a player on the Soccer Wiki will determine where they can play within your chosen formation on Soccer Manager.

If you are unsure where a player can play then you can use the Player Position Helper to give you an indication of his ideal positions within your chosen formation.