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Player Exchanges

You have the option of adding up to two players in a transfer deal, either in a straight forward player swap or cash plus player deal.

To offer one or more of your players in exchange simply click on the drop down box under Offer Player(s). This will display all your players available for transfer in your squad which you can include in any potential deal.

Once you have selected which player(s) you wish to include in the deal you need to click on Propose Offer. However, you cannot conduct player exchange deals with unmanaged clubs.

The minimum number of players you are allowed in your squad is 21 (see squad) and this can be comprised of first team and youth players, including a minimum of two goalkeepers.

If you only have 21 players in your squad (excluding players on loan) you will not be able to sell any player for money as you need to have a minimum of 21 players at all times. However, you can still offer your player in exchange if the proposed transfer will keep your squad the same size or increase it.