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Initiating a Transfer

There are several different ways in which you can approach to buy a player. You can approach to buy players directly either by clicking on a squad or player name anywhere in the game or using the find club/player search to search for a particular player. All you need to do is enter part of the players surname or part of the club name you know he currently plays for.

You can access the transfer list to find out which player(s) have been put on the transfer list either by their manager or by the Chairman (due to them submitting a transfer request) and what their current asking price is.

Players on the transfer list are often players that are no longer required by their club, and therefore they should be easier to sign then if you were to approach a club directly for a player. If you don't have the necessary funds then you can see if there are free agents available.

If you find a player you wish to make an offer for then you will need to place a bid for him. However, you cannot conduct any transfers if your club's balance is negative. If the player is on the transfer list then he will have an asking price, which you can use as a guideline, otherwise you can use their Chairman's Value.

In order to make an offer, click on the players name to access his Player Profile and then on Make Transfer Bid. You will then be asked to enter your offer by filling in the available boxes before you click on Propose Offer. The first box is the amount in millions and the second box is the amount in thousands.

Prior to submitting a transfer bid the player's Chairman will inform you the minimum transfer fee they will accept and the player will also inform you the wage they expect up to. However, his agent and your Chairman will negotiate the exact amount. Your Chairman will also inform you the maximum transfer fee that they are willing to pay.

You also have the option to make an undisclosed offer by selecting Hide Offer Amount. An undisclosed offer will mean that only you and the other party will know the amount of the transfer fee involved and it will remain hidden from third parties. However, the selling club has the option to disclose the fee if they wish to alert other clubs of the transfer fee.

It is worth remembering that the minimum number of players allowed in a squad that is managed and unmanaged is 21 and 20 respectively and this can be comprised of first team and youth players, including a minimum of two goalkeepers. Players on loan do not count nor do players out on loan.

The rule involving the minimum number of players only applies to clubs within the Game World that can be managed and external clubs are exempt from this apart from those competing within SMFA competitions.

If an external club is competing in a SMFA competition you cannot purchase their last goalkeeper or any outfield player if it will take their squad below 18 players. However, you can offer a player as part of the transfer if it keeps the squad at the same level.

Please note that if you cannot conduct a transfer in one go then we advise against attempting multiple transfers due to the other manager possibly reneging on the other transfer(s) or intervention by the SMFA.