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International Resignation

There may come a time when you have had enough of your current international job (for whatever reason) and want to resign as manager of the country in question.

If this is the case you need to click on Quit/Withdraw within My Home and then select the international country in question to resign from prior to entering your Soccer Manager login password to confirm your decision.

If you are displayed with a message stating 'Incorrect Password Entered', you may be entering your current password incorrectly. Please ensure you enter your current password in the correct case (i.e. make sure you enter capital / lower case letters exactly).

If you still have problems with your password you can use the Forgotten Password reminder: http://www.soccermanager.com/login.php?action=forgottenpassword to email you your login details with your current password.

Once you have entered your password to confirm your decision you will immediately resign from the international country in question and the national association will then offer the vacant position to another manager within the Game World (see Job Offers).

You will lose all of your accumulated Manager Points (however, they will still be displayed within your Profile alongside the respective international country you accumulated them with).