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Club AI

Unmanaged and external clubs are active in the transfer market, making transfers between themselves as well as interacting with human managers in the Game World.

Transfers between unmanaged or external clubs happen instantly as there is no human manager involved and the transfer ban is set to just two weeks.

Unmanaged and external clubs will only make transfer offers for players that are available. This means that if a player has their Transfer Status set as Unavailable to Transfer or Unavailable then no transfer offer will be made.

Also if a player has a Set Minimum Fee then clubs will not bid below this or they may not bid at all.

Unmanaged and external clubs will also put bids in for players placed on the transfer list. However, the time it takes to receive this offer can vary from a few days to a few weeks.

Unmanaged and external clubs will also try and sign players that play for them in real-life in an attempt to reconstruct their squad (which in turn could make an unmanaged club become more desirable to manage).