Soccer Manager Improvements

The features available to you are listed below:


Easier Navigation - The new menu has been introduced at the top of the page to make it easier to navigate around the website.

Top Calendar

New Feature - At the top of every page you will now be able to access your clubs calendar.

Notifications Bar

New Feature - At the top of every page you will now see notifications for Friend Requests, Private Messages and also Game Notifications.

Club Messages

New Feature - On the Club Overview page the Club Messages has had a redesign so that you can read more information.


New Feature - Player position colour circles show if a player can play in a certain position on the pitch.
New Feature - An estimate of what your players condition will be at the next game is now shown on the tactics page.
New Feature - You can now select your team on the tactics page by clicking on the down arrows.

Trophy Cabinet

Redesign - The Trophies have had a redesign to make them look more realistic with added detail.


Redesign - The Game News Feed and the Friends News Feed show more relevant information.

Views Filter

Redesign - On certain boxes on the right hand side there is a Views drop down link. This will help you to filter what is shown on the page.

Private Messages

Redesign - Private Messages are now stored by conversations between managers.