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I have been playing for a similar amount of time as you.

I reviewed the answer that the other guy gave you - a stereotypical answer......"Smfa use things that cannot be explained here"......and "Its up to you to sort out the best tactics...etc".

I won my league last year, runner up in the cup.........and havent won 1 game since the new season started.

I reckon, that there is a program, or something in place to ensure winning teams have a bad season the following year. Simple, if one team keeps winning then people will quit the game.

I reckon they have to share it (success) around, to get the revenue.

I have never seen Man Utd win a league, then lose the opening 4 games of the season. So it not, "up to you to get the best team/best tactics/ as there are definately "other" things at work here mate :(

Asked by Chris Storer - 14 years ago

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