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When you say "blocked" do you mean by the SMFA?

If the SMFA intervene on a deal this is because the Cheat Prevention System (CPS) is blocking the deal as a precaution.

The CPS can be triggered by lots of things, but an example is if you were trying to buy a player from your mate or family who uses the same computer. In this case, it just looks to the CPS as though someone is logging in from the same place with two different accounts to illegally transfer a player.

Once the SMFA intervene you won't be able to get the player and are best off finding a different player.

If it is the chairmen blocking your deals, this is normally because the values of the player has changed. This normally happens if SM change the way they value players (which has happened recently) but is sometimes the result of a bug. If this is the issue then just try bidding again and it should be fine.

Asked by tebthereb - 12 years ago

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