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How do I negotiate a deal for a player?
If you are buying or selling a player you can negotiate a transfer deal instead of just accepting or declining the transfer offer. You can either access the Player Profile and click on the Transfer/Loan Bids tab before clicking on Negotiate or you can send the other manager a Private Message.

Will I be able to do transfers with a club after they become unmanaged?
Unmanaged clubs become protected as their Chairman will prevent any transfers with the club for a period of time whilst they are in a transitional period.

Can I still conduct transfers if I have 21 players?
You need to have a minimum of 21 players at all times, therefore if you only have 21 players you can either buy a player for money or exchange a player in a transfer that will keep your squad the same size or increase it.

How long do transfers take to complete?
Transfer deals can take up to 24 hours to complete once they have been accepted.

Why has my transfer collapsed?
A transfer can collapse due to a change in management or if it would lead to one of the club's dropping below the minimum number of players you are allowed in your squad.

Can I still buy players if I have a minus balance?
You cannot buy players and/or swap players if your club have no money.

Why has the Chairman blocked my transfer?
The Chairman make their transfer decisions based on a number of factors which are designed to look after the best interests of both clubs involved. The chairman acts as a level playing field to keep the game fair and balanced. The vast majority of deals are approved by the Chairman.

Why has the SMFA blocked my transfer?
The SMFA can and will block any transfer that they deem is unusual and/or dubious. However, this does not mean that the SMFA have accused you of cheating, as they have only blocked it to ensure the Game World remains fair.

Why has my deal been reversed by the SMFA?
The SMFA can and will reverse a transfer at any time if they deem it to be unusual and/or dubious. However, this does not mean that the SMFA have accused you of cheating, as they have only reversed it to ensure the Game World remains fair.

Why is the player I bought cup-tied?
A player will become cup-tied dependent on the competition and type of Game World that your are participating in. This prevents a strong team from gaining an unfair advantage by signing talented players from clubs that may have lost out in earlier rounds, in an attempt to increase their cup chances.

Why does my player have a transfer ban?
Once a player moves club on a transfer they receive a 20 Turn transfer ban for managed or unmanaged clubs within your Game World,or a 2 turn transfer ban for transfer to an external club. This means that the player cannot be sold on again for 20 game Turns (20 league games) which is equivalent to 10 real life weeks or 2 game Turns (2 league games), equivalent of 1 real life week for transfers to external clubs. The club cannot receive any offers for the player and the player cannot be placed on the transfer list.

What could happen to a transfer after a players rating changes?
If you are buying or selling a player on the day that their rating is changing, then the deal could collapse due to change in value after the players rating has changed.

The transfer has collapsed as the player refused to sign for my club?
A player can refuse to sign for you if their rating is considerably higher than your squad average rating.