Soccer Manager Worlds – Prize Money

Posted on 16th January 2016


On 2 December, 2015, we relaunched Soccer Manager Worlds to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Part of this relaunch included numerous changes to how the Game World economy worked.

Whenever we make any changes to the game we always listen to our communities feedback and monitor these changes. Due to this we have made adjustments to the allocation of prize money:

Domestic Competitions

  • Increased league prize money threefold;
  • Cup winners get 500K for each round that they played in;
  • Cup runners-up get 250K for each round that they played in.


  • 1M prize money for each knockout stage progression;
  • Winner receives 20M;
  • Runner-up receives 10M.

SMFA Shield

  • 500k prize money for each knockout stage progression;
  • Winner receives 10M;
  • Runner-up receives 5M.

We believe that the new prize money is now more realistic and also more in-line with the recent changes that we have made to the Game World economy.


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