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How do I improve my players fitness?
The best way to improve your players fitness is by resting them, and this can be done by adopting a squad rotation policy.

Can I train my players?
There is no training within Soccer Manager.

How do I increase my players rating?
A player will increase or decrease in rating depending on his form as well as his ability in real-life, and it is not affected by how he performs for you in Soccer Manager.

How can I increase my players morale?
A players morale can increase due to some of the following reasons - the player is constantly playing, playing in his correct position, his club is performing well, the player is performing well himself or if the player is offered a new contract.

Why does my player have a concern?
The player could have developed the concern for a number of reasons, including being loaned out, their current wage, lack of opportunity at the club and a lack of games.

How many levels of player concern are there?
There are five levels of concern which a player can develop.

How do I get rid of my player's concern?
This is all dependent on what the player's concern is and it is advisable to read the Player Concerns article for full details on how this feature works.

I keep playing my player, but why isn't his concern going?
If a player has only played in 2 of 15 games for example, which is less than the 65-75%, then they would develop a Level 1 Concern. Even if you played them for the next 15 games, they would still develop a Level 2 Concern as they would have only played in 17 of 30 games which is still less than the 65-75% we advise.

Why is my player cup tied?
A player will become cup-tied dependent on the competition and type of Game World that your are participating in. This prevents a strong team from gaining an unfair advantage by signing talented players from clubs that may have lost out in earlier rounds, in an attempt to increase their cup chances.