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A Game Worlds preseason refers to the period between the end of the season and the start of a new season and this is also the time when the SMFA World Cup is contested.

The preseason can be used by teams that have been promoted or relegated (or in fact by any team) to help evaluate their current position before the start of a new season.

Once the last league fixture has been played within the Game World, every club will receive prize money dependent on their final league position.

The fixtures for the new season are announced 11 days after the last league fixture has been played within the Game World and 5 days later the opening day's fixture for the new season will be played (making the preseason 16 days).

During this period certain teams will still have official fixtures, for example if they have reached a cup final or finished in the promotion play-offs.

However, not every team will have an official fixture during preseason. Due to this their Chairman could arrange up to four friendlies against other club's that are active within the Game World. Any friendlies that are arranged cannot be cancelled and they will be displayed within the club's schedule.

The preseason friendlies are arranged on days and times that a club would normally play their league fixtures. For example within Standard Game Worlds at 20:00 Game Time on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

If your Chairman has arranged any friendlies, then you can use these fixtures to try out new tactics or even to give fringe squad players a run out. In these friendly games suspended players can play, a player's condition is not reduced, players cannot get injured, yellow and red cards are not recorded, and a player will start the match with their current fitness.