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Becoming an International Manager

International Management is a unique feature exclusive to Gold Managers. Therefore if you are a Gold Manager you will have the chance to become an international manager.

Every Gold Manager has the chance to become an international manager within the various Game Worlds, and it does not matter which club you manage or what success you have experienced with them.

There are 80 national associations within each Game World, and the vacant managerial positions for each association will be offered randomly to managers within the Game World.

Alternatively you can take control of any vacant post by visiting the International List. However, if you have purchased either a Standard Game World or Custom Game World via the SM Shop you will be able to choose a starting association to manage during the creation of the Game World.

You will only be approached by a national association within the Game World if you are currently not managing any national team within that Game World. If you are approached by one of the national associations then you will have the opportunity to accept or reject the job offer.

However, if you reject the job offer then that association will not approach you again. If you accept the job offer then you will become the national manager of that association, and you will manage that national team alongside your current club.

When you become a national manager of an association you will be given a contract, and each contract can last up to two seasons dependent on your success (as you can be sacked by your association).