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Deal reversals have become common place in new games and have almost made it not worth getting a big club. Just taken charge of Chelsea. Wanted sum1 of better quality for down the left. Agreed deal for Adriano from Barca of 15mil & Oliveira Wallace. The deal Barca wanted and I was happy to oblige. Following the deal being completed I decided that meant I no longer needed Malouda so sold him. Adriano deal then reversed and blocked. Leaving me with neither player. Would love sum1 from SM to actually have the courtesy to explain to me why a perfectly reasonable deal(if it wasn't then y do we have chairman limitations?) was reversed?!?! I'm an experienced manager who like many others is becoming increasingly disillusioned with this game and how difficult it has become to do a transfer deal with a big club in a new game( a club that won't have been cheap). Will not be paying for a club again that's for sure n doubtful I'll renew my Gold Membership when it expires. I'd predict I'm not the only 1 thinking like this.

Asked by David Griffiths - 9 years ago

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