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bi9g problem in my game world. i dont get on with the current united boss. im the spurs boss and have just won the league and the united boss is always having a go at me in public.anyway a new manager took over middlesbrough and bout ozil from united for 60 million so i reported it and the deal got reversed,anyway i got it wrong as the bora boss offered me 22 million for welbeck which i accepted and the out of spite the united boss put in a complaint and my deal got reversed but he has just reported another deal of mine and i awaite for it to be reversed and im not cheating but sm are just gonna keep reversing any of my deals when ever this guy reports it. told the guy i was sorry as i think i got it wronge and i told him if he leaves my deals alone i wont report his deals.i reported him as i really did think he cheated but he reports mine out of spite so sm system is not fair to anyone as its always the guy that dose the reporting in charge of weather the deal gets reversed and not sm. sm just provide the system to reverse deals

Asked by curtis mulcare - 10 years ago

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